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Product Warranty

  1. Warranty Coverage:
  •    Siya Diamond provides a warranty for its jewellery products against manufacturing defects and workmanship issues. 
  •    The warranty coverage extends for a specific duration from the date of purchase, as specified for each product category. 


  1. Warranty Terms and Conditions:
  •    The warranty is valid only for the original purchaser and is non-transferable. 
  •    The warranty covers repairs, replacements, or adjustments necessary due to manufacturing defects or workmanship issues. 
  •    Any modifications, alterations, or repairs performed by unauthorized personnel will void the warranty. 
  •    The warranty does not cover damage caused by accidents, misuse, neglect, theft, loss, or normal wear and tear. 
  •    Siya Diamond reserves the right to assess and determine the validity of warranty claims. 


  1. Warranty Claim Process:
  •    To initiate a warranty claim, customers must provide proof of purchase, such as the original sales receipt or invoice. 
  •    Customers should contact Siya Diamond’s customer support or visit the nearest Siya Exclusive Boutique Outlet for assistance with warranty claims. 
  •    The item will be assessed by Siya Diamond’s experts to determine if the issue falls within the warranty coverage. 
  •    If the warranty claim is approved, Siya Diamond will provide necessary repairs, replacements, or adjustments at no additional cost to the customer. 


  1. Exclusions:
  •    The warranty does not cover damage to gemstones, diamonds, or other precious stones caused by accidents, mishandling, or improper care. 
  •    Normal wear and tear, including scratches, dents, or discoloration, are not covered under the warranty. 
  •    Damage resulting from resizing or alterations performed by anyone other than Siya Diamond’s authorized personnel is not covered.